One of the main providers of information to this website is Rick Tobin. He has had an experienced and diversified background in both the Real Estate and Securities fields for the past 25+ years. He has held seven (7) different Real Estate and Securities brokerage licenses to date. Rick has created real estate courses and college textbooks over the years for several of the most well-known real estate schools, publishers, crowdfunding firms, and investment groups in the U.S. Rick is also a graduate of the University of Southern California (USC). 

*** You may reach Rick Tobin directly by email at for more details, or please feel free to call him at (760) 485 - 2422.

*** Due to the number of calls and emails, please leave or send a detailed message in regard to your needs and interests. Rick, or one of his associates, will get back to you as soon as possible either the very same day or within 24 hours.

*** Rick is also available for hire for writing about topics related to Real Estate, Finance, Economics, and other Business topics.

Rick has been a long time contributing writer to national publications such as Creative Real Estate Magazine (published for almost 40 years - This same national magazine featured Rick on the cover of their May 2006 issue for the CRE Magazine cover story which was entitled "Creative Financier."

He has had hundreds of articles published nationally and regionally in magazines, newspapers, internet sites, newsletters, and other sources. He has also appeared as a guest on various television shows as well as in seminars about real estate and financial information.

At present, Rick is a contributing writer for Creative Real Estate Online    ( ). CRE Online is not affiliated with Creative Real Estate Magazine even though they share similar names, and is one of the largest, if not the largest, real estate investing websites in the USA today. 

Additionally, Rick writes articles for the REI (Real Estate Investing) Club group and website ( ), which is one of the largest real estate investing sites in America. The site is affiliated with hundreds of real estate investing clubs throughout the USA. Rick has also written a large number of articles for both the Scotsman Guide (the most read mortgage publication in the U.S.) and REI Wealth (an online digital magazine for real estate investors).

As a real estate investor, he has purchased numerous foreclosure (or pre-foreclosure) properties in multiple states. These investments have included government and tax foreclosures, All Inclusive Deeds of Trust (AITDs), Land Contracts, Lease Options, and has purchased significant amounts of mortgage investments. 

In addition, he was worked in the development of hundreds of residential properties over the years. These projects have included single family homes, townhomes, condominiums, and apartments.

He has an extensive background in the financing of residential and commercial properties around the U.S. His funding sources have included banks, life insurance companies, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), Hedge Funds, and foreign money sources.

Additional content information is provided by various people with extensive backgrounds in real estate, development, investments, and other related fields.

Rick Tobin 
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