*** Here is the brand new book entitled The Credit Crisis: 10 Years and Counting  that was released in August 2017. The book will be available as both an e-book and a printed book in the near future. Here is the link to Amazon's e-book store:

*** You may purchase an updated ebook version of this book (The Credit Crisis Deals: Finding America's Best Real Estate Bargains) through Amazon Kindle.

The book about our ongoing Credit Crisis will cover a variety of topics (42 Chapters). You may easily read the ebook on your computer. These topics include the following:

* How to survive and prosper during the Credit Crisis.
* What is a Credit Default Swap (CDS), a Collaterized Debt Oblgation (CDO), and a Structured Investment Vehicle (SIV)? How do these derivative investments potentially put ALL of your personal investments at risk?
* The evolution of suburbia and financing.
* How commercial lending and properties have changed.
* The globalization of our world's credit and capital markets.
* A detailed explanation in regard to how the financial makets "froze".
* Are we in the midst of a deflationary asset spiral similar to what Japan has experienced with their "Bubble Boom" bust?
* Information in regard to how to find the best real estate deals.
* A contact list for some of the top U.S. banks' REO Foreclosure and Loss Mitigation departments. With this up to date contact information (addresses, phone and fax numbers, and websites), you may find the best residential and commercial deals in the country. 
* A list of the largest publicly traded and privately held home builders in the nation. These builders may provide you even better deals than the banks these days. 

* Information for real estate agents, mortgage lenders, appraisers, or other third party inspectors in regard to how to get the listings, loans, or property inspection orders for these bank or builder foreclosure properties. 
* Creative ways to purchase these heavily discounted properties without bank financing, and with no credit reports.

* Information in regard to how to postpone a pending foreclosure, how to preserve and improve your important credit scores, and how to make money in the post-Credit Crisis world.
* Updated information on new financial, legal, and accounting changes which may benefit you.
* Ideas on how to create a substantial net worth for you and your family.

The book has a lot of detailed economic, financial, and investment information which may be much more relevant to you in our post-Credit Crisis world. 

The main purpose of the book is to educate you about what may really be going on in our world's financial markets. We want you to learn as much as possible so you can take advantage of potentially the best real estate deals that any of us may see in our lifetimes.